How do I check the status of my porting request?

Want to the status of your porting request? There are two ways you can check the status.

Stay in the loop via email

As the porting request moves along its lifecycle, you’ll receive email notifications alerting you of the status every step of the way!

Check your porting status in OpenPhone

You can also check the status of your porting request by clicking into the newly added phone number within OpenPhone!

Note: The user who initiates the porting request will receive updates to the email address associated with their account profile.


What are the porting stages?

Ports will have one of the following statuses throughout the porting lifecycle:

  • Requested: The porting request has been received by our porting specialist team and is currently being reviewed.
  • Accepted: The porting specialist team has completed their initial review and has submitted the port request to your carrier.
  • Scheduled: The port request has been accepted by the carrier and the port has been scheduled.
  • Completed: The port request has been completed and your number is now available to use with OpenPhone
  • Rejected: In some cases, a porting request may be rejected by the porting specialist team or carrier. Our team will provide next steps accordingly!

    If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!



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