File size limits and picture quality for picture messaging (MMS)

Outbound picture message (MMS), videos, and other files can be sent over OpenPhone. This can include sending jpeg, png, gifs, pdfs, and several other file types. In this article, we cover the message size limitations and best practices when sending MMS messages.

MMS message size limitations

While messages on OpenPhone can be up to 5MBs total, the accepted limit from the receiving carrier may vary. If your message exceeds 5MBs, then your message will automatically fail.

The maximum MMS attachment size varies not only based on carrier but also if you are messaging from a local US/Canadian number vs a toll-free number.

US or Canadian 10-digit local number MMS size limitation:

  • AT&T - 0.6MB
  • Sprint - 1.4MB
  • T-Mobile - 1.5MB
  • Verizon - 0.675MB

When messaging from toll-free numbers, there’s a standard limit of 0.6MB (or 600KB) per message. For other carriers not listed above, we recommend sending MMS attachments no larger than 0.6MB (or 600KBs).

Picture quality

OpenPhone automatically resizes images that are under 5MBs but exceed the limits set by the receiving carrier. If you’re unsure of the carrier of the message recipient, we recommend sending a message no larger than 600KBs to ensure the best picture quality.

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