How do groups in OpenPhone work

Groups in OpenPhone provide more ways to streamline administrative tasks. Specifically, groups allow workspace admins the ability to organize other users into departments or teams. Groups can be used to share contacts and snippets. Plus, you can mention a group in notes and threads.

Tagging a group in OpenPhone

How to create groups in OpenPhone

Any owner or admin user can add groups in OpenPhone from the web or desktop app:

  1. Click “Settings” from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select “Groups” under the “Workspace” section.

  3. Name your new group, click into the default emoji to pick one you’d like to associate with the group, and add an optional description for the group.

    Creating a group in OpenPhone

  4. Click “Add a member” to select specific users in your workspace that you want in this group.

  5. Once you’re done adding members, hit “Save group”.

That’s it!

How many groups can I have in my workspace?

Any owner or admin user in your workspace can add as many groups as your team needs. 

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