How threads and mentions work

Looking for an easier way to collaborate when you're managing existing customer relationships or building new ones? Use threads and mentions.

In this guide, we'll share everything you need to know about threads and mentions.


Threads are internal, meaning only your team will be able to see them in OpenPhone. Threads let you:

  • comment internally on any messages, calls, call recordings, and voicemail with a contact

  • create action items for yourself or your team; anyone on your team can mark specific comments as resolved after finishing

How to create threads from the web or Mac app

To create a thread:

1. Click the message, call, call recording, or voicemail you wish to comment on.

2. A pop up menu will appear. Select the chat icon.

3. Type out your comment and send it when you're done.

Adding an internal comment from the OpenPhone Mac app

Whether you create action items after a call or assign a task to a teammate, you and anyone on your team (with access to that OpenPhone number) can also mark specific comments as resolved. To mark a comment as resolved, click "..." above the comment and select "Mark as resolved".

How to create threads from the mobile app

Creating threads from the mobile app is as simple as these three steps:

1. Tap the message, call, call recording, or voicemail you wish to comment on.

2. Select "Comment in internal thread".

3. Type your comment under "Reply internally..." and send it when you're done.

Adding a comment in the OpenPhone mobile app


You can also mark comments on the mobile app. To mark a comment as resolved, select the comment. Then click the upper right corner of the screen and tap "Mark thread as resolved".


Want to get another person in your workspace to look at something? You can mention them in threads or inside team direct messages. Type "@" followed by your teammate's or a group's name. As you type, a pop up will appear providing you options you can click to select the person you want.

Example of a mention of being added in OpenPhone

Anyone you mention in an OpenPhone inbox needs to have access to that shared phone number.

As of right now, mentions aren't possible within your contact's notes. Stay tuned, we plan on adding this soon.

Where teammates see mention notifications

When you mention a teammate, both you and your teammate will see a badge notification next to "Activity", located on the left-hand menu.

mentions example shown under the OpenPhone activities feed


If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!


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