How do I make OpenPhone the default calling app?

Tired of copying and pasting numbers from your browser into OpenPhone? You can make OpenPhone the default app for calling so you can click to call on most websites.

On Windows

1. If you have not already, download the OpenPhone Windows app.

2. Click into the bottom toolbar and search by "default app".

3. Select "Default app System settings".

selecting Default app system settings in Windows


4. Scroll down and click "Choose default apps by protocol".

5. Then scroll down to "TEL" and select OpenPhone to make it the default calling app in Windows.


opening OpenPhone in Windows

For Mac computers 

1. If you have not already, download the OpenPhone Mac app.

2. Open FaceTime from the “Applications” menu.

3. Click “FaceTime” from the top menu and select “Preferences”.

4. If it’s not already selected, click into the dropdown menu next to “Default for calls:” and select “OpenPhone”. If you’ve saved the app under Applications on your Mac, it will appear as “OpenPhone (/Applications/)”.

update FaceTime settings on Mac

Once you've updated that FaceTime setting, you can go on most websites from your browser and click a number. When you click a telephone number on a website, you'll see an option pop up to dial that number in OpenPhone.


click to call on Mac

After clicking the pop up, you'll be taken to the OpenPhone desktop app where you can click "Call" to dial that number.


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