How to send picture messages (MMS) with OpenPhone

Besides text messaging (SMS), OpenPhone offers picture messaging (MMS) to help you get your point across easier and more effectively.

You can send your customers pictures of your latest products /arrivals, show off your work and physical space, send helpful screenshots to explain something. The possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works.

How to send picture messages with the web or desktop app

1. Click the 📎 icon next “Write a message”.

Attaching an image with a message in OpenPhone

2. Upload an image.

How to send picture messages from the iOS or Android App

1. Click the 🖼 icon in your messaging thread.

2. Take a photo or upload an existing photo from your library.

Attach an image with a message in the OpenPhone app

You can also copy and paste your image directly into the conversation.

That's it!

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