Why is my call showing up as failed?

Getting a "Call failed" error when making a call through OpenPhone? There are several possible reasons for this issue.

  1. if you're calling a non-US or Canadian phone number, ensure you have international calling enabled on your OpenPhone account.

  2. If the recipient of the call has blocked your phone number, the call will show up as failed. Also, you want to make sure you didn't block them accidentally by checking your blocklist.

  3. If the recipient of the call is a number that doesn't accept incoming calls, the call will show up as failed. Why do some numbers reject incoming calls? Sadly, phone scams and robocalls are becoming more common and many spammers call from phone numbers that don't support incoming calls.

None of the above?

Have you tried quitting and reopening the app? Sometimes the app needs a little refresh and it'll be back to normal. 😅

If quitting the app doesn't work or your issue can't be explained with any points above, please submit a request here and we'll look into this for you!