What features are included in the OpenPhone Premium plan?

OpenPhone offers the best business phone tailored to meet the needs of startups, small businesses, solo founders, entrepreneurs, and teams in large organizations.

Our Premium plan is designed to supercharge your business with all of the features of our standard plan plus more integrations and team collaboration features.

What's included in the Premium plan (that's not a part of the Standard plan)

  • Salesforce integration — Give your team a single source of truth for all your communication with your business contacts by setting up the OpenPhone Salesforce integration.
  • HubSpot integration — Maximize productivity and easily manage contact notes and call history through integrating with HubSpot. Use a different CRM that you want us to prioritize next? Send us a note at support@openphone.co

  • Team analytics — Gather actionable insights to easily understand, monitor, and improve your team's activities. We've got some examples here.

  • Share a phone number at scale — Up to 100 users in your team's workspace can call and text from a single number at the same time.
  • Round-robin call distribution — Divvy up responsibility for incoming calls in batches of up to 10 users.
  • Call transfer — Transfer incoming calls to other team members, departments, or any external phone number. Here is the nitty-gritty.

  • Advanced auto-attendant/IVR — If you'd like to have a more custom phone menu (or auto-attendant) experience for your callers. Learn more here.

What's the pricing like for the Premium plan

  • Starts at $20 per user per month billed annually — or $25 per user billed monthly.

  • For each additional phone number, it's $5 per month.

Our Premium plan also includes all of the features of our Standard plan:

Phone numbers

We've made it ridiculously easy to get a phone number. Want to use your existing number on OpenPhone? We can port it over for free.

  • Local US, Canadian, and toll-free numbers — There are thousands of numbers to choose from. Not sure which one to get? This post on local vs toll-free numbers will help.

  • Get as many numbers as you want — If you need multiple numbers for multiple businesses, multiple teams, or multiple regions, we've got you covered. Extra numbers are $5/mo. More details here.

  • Keep your existing phone number — If you want to use your existing phone number on OpenPhone, we can port it over for free. Learn more and get started here.


Call any US and Canadian number from the OpenPhone app on your mobile device or computer.

  • Call recording — Record your calls or set your phone number to auto-record every call for you.

  • Call routing (auto-attendant) — "Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support." Direct callers to the right people in your company using IVR menus, extensions, or shared numbers.
  • Always know when it's a business call — OpenPhone calls have a distinct label so you can easily distinguish between business and personal calls.

  • Know the context of every call — If you have multiple OpenPhone numbers, you can name them to easily distinguish which number an incoming call is for.

  • Call forwarding — Forward your OpenPhone calls to any external US or Canadian phone number.

  • Call waiting (iOS) — If you're on an active call and have a second call coming in, you'll be able to either reject the second call or pick it up and place the original call on hold.

  • International calling — Want to be able to call anyone in the world? Now you can!

Most business phone systems offer no or limited texting. We believe that for a 2021 business phone, text messaging is key. So we built it with speed, delight, and efficiency in mind.

  • SMS and MMS — OpenPhone supports SMS (text), and MMS (picture) messaging on all platforms.

  • Voicemail transcription — Skim your voicemail to know what's important and what can be left for later.

  • Snippets — Speed up your response time by creating and sending message templates for common questions.

  • Auto-replies — Automatically respond to texts, missed calls or voicemail with a pre-defined message.

  • Send GIFs — Via our GIPHY integration, you can send GIFs to your contacts.

  • Group messaging — Send messages to multiple recipients and communicate as a group.

Manage your availability

OpenPhone helps you stay in control over when you’re available for calls or texts.

Contacts (lightweight CRM)

We've enriched your typical address book with custom properties and notes so you can stay on top of your relationships easily.

  • Custom properties on contacts — Add custom properties to your contacts in order to capture all information you care about.

  • Leave notes on contacts — Whether you're using OpenPhone yourself or with your team, leaving notes will help you never miss a single detail.

  • Google Contacts Sync — Bring your Google Contacts to OpenPhone easily.

  • CSV import for contacts — Import a large number of contacts into OpenPhone using a .csv file. No need to manually add them one by one.


OpenPhone connects with tools you use to save you time and automate mundane work.

  • Email — Get notified about your OpenPhone calls, messages, and voicemail via email.

  • Slack — Receive OpenPhone calls, messages, and voicemail in Slack.

  • Zapier — Connect your OpenPhone numbers to 3,000+ applications via Zapier. Focus on your most important priorities while OpenPhone and Zapier take care of the administrative work, reminders, and automation.

  • Webhooks — Listen for changes in OpenPhone and send alerts with an HTTP request.

OpenPhone for Teams

We built OpenPhone to grow with you and your team.

  • Shared phone numbers — It's like a shared inbox for your phone number. Up to 100 users can call and text from the same number. Staying on the same page was never easier.

  • Shared contacts — Share your business contacts with people on your team. Changes to shared contacts are instantly synced to all members.

  • Give your teammates their own OpenPhone numbers — Invite your colleagues to get their business phone numbers in seconds. Add as many teammates to your workspace as you need. Each user comes with one phone number. They can also get access to existing company-owned phone numbers.

  • Groups — Easily share or mention multiple teammates in fewer clicks. Create as many groups as you need in your workspace.
  • Threads — Internally comment on any call, message, voicemail, or call recording. You can also mention teammates when you want them to chime in or follow through on an action item.

Install OpenPhone

OpenPhone works on all your devices. You can seamlessly call and message on your computer and mobile phone.

Learn more

  • Release notes — We have a very quick release cycle to meet your changing needs and grow alongside you.

  • Live demo — Want to see OpenPhone in action? Join our live demo.

  • Blog — We love sharing our learnings on our blog!

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