How to port your current phone number to OpenPhone

If you already have a phone number you'd like to use with OpenPhone, we'd be happy to port it for you for free.

What information does OpenPhone need for the port?

We only need 2 things:

  1. The latest phone bill for the phone number you'd like to port. Don't have the phone bill? No problem! Is there a screenshot of the admin dashboard of the service you're with, showing that you're the owner of the phone number? That'll work. Ultimately, we're looking for proof of ownership of the phone number.

  2. Fill out and sign a quick authorization form allowing us to port your number to OpenPhone. We're going to email you the form so you can sign it digitally.

How do I get started?

To start the process, fill out this form ⤴️. Once you do, we'll send you the authorization letter for your signature.

How long does it take to port a number?

The process takes anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks and depends on how fast we hear back from your carrier. Keep in mind also these factors that can influence your specific porting date.  

Don't worry - there's no service interruption. You can use your phone number up until the port date.

What should I keep in mind before porting my number to OpenPhone?

  1. Don't cancel your account with your current provider until the port is done. Once the port is complete, you'll be able to close that account. Otherwise, you're running the risk of service interruption.

  2. You need Internet access to use OpenPhone. If you're porting your personal phone number to OpenPhone, you'll need to use it on wifi and / or with a local data plan.

  3. OpenPhone numbers aren't able to receive SMS verification codes from some services. Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp, and banks, for example, don't allow virtual phone numbers to be used for authentication. If you're porting your personal number to OpenPhone, keep this in mind. We recommend using your personal phone number for 2-factor authentication and using your OpenPhone number for everything else. We have more information about it here.

  4. OpenPhone doesn't offer emergency call services (eg 911). You'll need to use your personal phone number in those cases.

  5. While we don't charge any fees and are happy to port your number in (or out) for free, your previous carrier may charge you to port your number to us. This varies from carrier to carrier.

  6. Your existing phone and text conversations won't carry over to OpenPhone. However, you can upload your existing contacts as a CSV to OpenPhone. 

Want to learn more about how the porting process works?

We've written a full guide to porting on our blog. What’s Phone Number Porting?

These are the essential 4 steps involved:

  1. We submit a port request to your current provider and negotiate a port date

  2. Once we hear back, we inform you of the port date & time

  3. On the port date, we make your phone number available in your OpenPhone account.

  4. Once the number is ported successfully you can cancel your account with your current provider

Provider-specific porting guides

Need instructions on porting from specific carriers? Check these out:

Have questions about your specific situation? Send us a note to and we'll be happy to assist!

Port your number to OpenPhone ⤴️



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