How to port your current phone number to OpenPhone

If you already have a phone number you'd like to use with OpenPhone, we'd be happy to port it for you for free.

Note: Right now, we only support porting Canadian, US, and North American toll-free phone numbers.

Who can initiate a porting request?

You will need to be a workspace owner or admin to initiate a port request.

If you want to port over a number when signing up for an OpenPhone account, you’ll be assigned a temporary number that you can use in the mean time during your free trial while your porting request is underway.

What should I keep in mind before porting my number to OpenPhone?

  1. Don't cancel your account with your current provider until the port is done. Once the port is complete, you'll be able to close that account. Otherwise, you're running the risk of service interruption.
  2. You need Internet access to use OpenPhone. If you're porting your personal phone number to OpenPhone, you'll need to use it on wifi and / or with a local data plan.
  3. OpenPhone numbers aren't able to receive SMS verification codes from some services. Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp, and banks, for example, don't allow virtual phone numbers to be used for authentication. If you're porting your personal number to OpenPhone, keep this in mind. We recommend using your personal phone number for 2-factor authentication and using your OpenPhone number for everything else. We have more information about it here.
  4. OpenPhone doesn't offer emergency call services (eg 911). You'll need to use your personal phone number in those cases.
  5. While we don't charge any fees and are happy to port your number in (or out) for free, your previous carrier may charge you to port your number to us. This varies from carrier to carrier.
  6. Your existing phone and text conversations won't carry over to OpenPhone. However, you can upload your existing contacts as a CSV to OpenPhone.

Want to learn more about how the porting process works?

We've written a full guide to porting on our blog. What’s Phone Number Porting?

These are the essential 4 steps involved:

  1. We submit a port request to your current provider and negotiate a port date.
  2. Once we hear back, we inform you of the port date & time.
  3. On the port date, we make your phone number available in your OpenPhone account.
  4. Once the number is ported successfully you can cancel your account with your current provider.

How do I initiate the porting process?

To begin the porting process, you will need to submit your port request in the OpenPhone web or desktop app.

Here are the steps to initiate the porting process:

1. Navigate to “Settings”, then “Phone numbers”, then “Port an existing number”.


2. Click “Continue to porting”


3. Enter your existing local US, Canadian, or North American toll-free phone number and select your current carrier. Don’t see your carrier in the drop-down list? You can also enter in your current carrier’s name.


4. Provide billing information, including a copy of a recent billing statement


5. Provide your carrier credentials which includes your account number and account pin. An account PIN is generally associated with local US numbers and can often be found in the account dashboard with your current carrier. If you're unsure whether you have a PIN though, reach out to your current carrier


6. After submitting carrier information, you’ll be able to assign an icon and name for your number. Also, you will need to authorize OpenPhone to port this number on your behalf by digitally signing for the port request. Hit “Submit” and you’re all set!


From here, OpenPhone’s porting team will review your porting request and submit the request to your carrier to initiate the process. Keep in mind after submitting a complete porting request, you will no longer able to make changes to your submitted application from the OpenPhone app.

During the porting process, you can customize your phone number settings in OpenPhone so everything’s ready to go once your number moves over. You can do this by clicking “phone number settings” or by clicking into the newly ported number.


How long does the porting process take?

The process takes anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks and depends on how fast we hear back from your carrier. Keep in mind also these factors that can influence your specific porting date.

Don't worry - there's no service interruption. You can use your phone number up until the port date.

Learn more about how to check the status of your porting request here

What is a porting draft?

Your porting requests automatically save along the way. This means you can return to a partially completed porting draft without having to re-enter details.

Porting drafts are saved in the same area you visited to begin your porting request. To visit your drafts(s), click “Settings”. Then under “Workspace”, select “Phone numbers”.


Clicking “View drafts” will bring up a list of porting drafts. From here, you can continue editing or deleting your porting request.


Note: You can only continue editing drafts that you initiated.

Provider-specific porting guides

Need instructions on porting from specific carriers? Check these out:

Note: Go here to learn more about the status of an existing porting request!

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