How to check your OpenPhone voicemail

Gone are the days when you have to call a number to check your voicemail or check your email for audio file attachments. Nobody has time for that!

With OpenPhone, your voicemail comes to you in form of an audio file and a transcription.

Accessing voicemail on the OpenPhone mobile apps

Here's what it looks like on mobile: 

voicemail transcript in the OpenPhone mobile app

When you long press on the voicemail area, you'll see more options available to you: 

  • Copy transcript of the voicemail to your clipboard

  • Share your voicemail (both text and audio file) with a partner, team member, friend. You can share it through email, Slack, etc.

Accessing voicemail on the OpenPhone desktop and browser apps

On the web app, clicking into a conversation with a voicemail message will contain the transcription and playback options. Plus, the ability to download and save the recording directly to your computer.

how incoming voicemail messages appear in the OpenPhone web and Mac app

Note: You can also automatically push incoming voicemail messages to email, Slack, and HubSpot.

PS - Don't have the app yet? Get it today and experience the power of OpenPhone for your business.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!

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