What number will show up on the caller ID when I call from OpenPhone?

Looking to learn more about how caller ID works with OpenPhone? Read on as we'll break down what callers see, how to switch between numbers if you have multiple numbers in your account, and how to add a custom caller ID

What callers see when you send a call

When you call people through the OpenPhone app, they will see your OpenPhone number on the caller ID. They will also see the city the phone number is registered with. In the example here, it's San Francisco.

What a call from an OpenPhone number looks like

Calling from a specific number in your workspace

If you have multiple OpenPhone numbers in the app, you can choose which number to call from. Tap your account icon from the upper left corner of the app. Then select the number under "Your numbers". That number will show up on the recipient's caller ID.

Switching between phone numbers in the OpenPhone mobile app.


The person you call doesn't need to have the app installed, they'll receive a call just like they normally would. The same applies to text messages.

Calling out from the web or desktop app and have more than one number on your OpenPhone account? Select the number you want to use under "Inboxes".

The Inboxes section of OpenPhone.


Customizing your outgoing caller ID

Want to have your name or company name show up when you call? No problem! You can set up a custom outgoing caller ID. How to set up an outgoing caller ID for your OpenPhone number.

Want to see what it's like to receive calls through OpenPhone? Check it out here:

How do I know if an incoming call is personal or for business?

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