How to install the OpenPhone desktop app

We're excited to share that the OpenPhone for desktop app is here!

In this post, we'll share how to get started with the Windows or macOS desktop app. We'll also share some handy tips to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Note: We plan on releasing the desktop app for Linux very soon. To join the wait-list, fill out this form.

How to install the Windows desktop app

  1. Click here to download the OpenPhone desktop app for Windows.
  2. Select the downloaded .exe file to begin installation.
  3. Click on the Windows toolbar and select "OpenPhone" under the recently added apps to sign in and get started using the desktop app.

launching OpenPhone from the Windows toolbar

How to install the Mac desktop app

1. Click here to download the OpenPhone desktop app for macOS.

2. The download should start automatically. Once finished, click-and-drag the OpenPhone desktop image into the Applications folder.

move file to Applications folder

4. From your Applications folder, launch the OpenPhone app. You might be asked if you really want to open a file downloaded from the Internet (yes).

5. Move the OpenPhone app icon to your dock for easy access.

move OpenPhone app to dock on a Mac

6. Sign in and start using it!

How to reload the Mac app

If the app gets into a bad state and you're not getting new information coming in, a reload might be needed. Please let us know if you run into this case often, that means we've got work to do.

Enter Command + R or click Reload via the View menu.

Reloading app from the top menu

Once the desktop app is installed, you can also make OpenPhone your default calling app so you can click to call when visiting most websites. We hope you love the new desktop app.

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