What's the difference between the standard and advanced auto-attendant (IVR)

If you'd like to customize the flow your callers go through in order to reach you, an auto-attendant (or phone menu) is very helpful.

While you can use the standard auto-attendant, we've got more customization options for those of you who need more.

What's possible with the standard auto-attendant

With the OpenPhone standard plan, you have access to these standard menu options:

  • Forward to an OpenPhone number — Forward calls to another OpenPhone number in your organization; it can be either a direct number of one of your colleagues or a shared phone number belonging to a group of people.
  • Forward to an outside phone number — Forward calls to any US or Canadian phone number.
  • Let the call through — Calls will come through to all members of the phone number. If you're the only person with access to the number, you'll receive calls. If you have a team sharing access to the number, everyone will receive calls.

What's possible with the advanced auto-attendant

1. You can route menu options to the following 3 premium destinations.

  • Send to a member of the phone number ⚡️

If your teammate Mark is responsible for all Billing questions, you can have the 'Billing' option go directly to him even if he doesn't have a dedicated OpenPhone number.

  • Send to voicemail ⚡️

If you want to give folks an easy option to leave a message for you, this is great. The callers will be able to listen to the voicemail recording you have on your phone number and leave a message for you.

  • Play an audio ⚡️

This is great if you ever want to have a dedicated option for sharing information with callers. For example, if you want to make it easy for folks to get information on your business hours, directions, instructions on how to do something, etc.

2. You can decide what happens when the caller stays on the line without selecting any option.

You've got 7 options here, 6 out of which are available as a part of the advanced phone menu:

  • Repeat the menu options (default option on Standard and Advanced IVR)

  • Forward to an OpenPhone number ⚡️

  • Forward to an outside phone number ⚡️

  • Let the call through ⚡️

  • Send to a member of the phone number ⚡️

  • Send to voicemail ⚡️

  • Play an audio ⚡️

What's the pricing like for the advanced auto-attendant

Advanced auto-attendant is a part of the Premium plan and is priced at $25/mo per user. You can change your plan here to take advantage of these features.

Want to learn more about how auto-attendant works? This article will help you set one up.

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