How to join an existing OpenPhone workspace

OpenPhone is a collaborative calling and messaging service. It is better when you're using it together with your team. Invite your team, whenever 😎

Have you been invited to use OpenPhone by your colleagues? Great! We'll help you get set up.

How to accept an OpenPhone invitation

When your colleague invites you to join them on OpenPhone, there are 2 ways to accept their invitation.

1. Click on the "Accept invitation" link in your email

Didn't get an email? Check your Spam folder just in case. The email will look like this and come from

OpenPhone invitation in Gmail

Once you click on the "Accept invitation" button, you'll be prompted to join the workspace you've been invited to.

signing into accept an invitation

Here, you have 2 options:

  • Sign up with Google (no passwords needed!)

  • Signing up with an email + one-time code

💡Note: Sign up with the exact same email address you've received an invitation to. Eg - if the invitation came to, make sure to sign up as Otherwise, you'll be placed in your own workspace.

If you opt for signing in with Google, there are no passwords, no codes, nothing. Just sign in and you'll be all set. :)

If you opt for the email + code option, you'll get a one-time 6-digit code in your email inbox. It'll look like this.

entering in six-digit vertification code to activate the account

You'll be able to copy the 6-digit code and paste it:

accepting a pending invite

That's it! You're now a part of the workspace you've been invited to.

2. Sign in to your OpenPhone account with your work email

Sign in right here with your work/business email. You'll be able to confirm your email by getting a 6-digit code emailed to you.

Then, you'll be given an option to join your company workspace:


How to create an OpenPhone account

Once you accept the invitation to the workspace you've been invited to, you'll be able to create your OpenPhone account.

Here are the steps involved:

1. Enter your name

2. Pick your OpenPhone number

If you were invited to pick your own OpenPhone number, you'll have an option to change it here. Otherwise, feel free to skip this step!

That's it!

Here's how you know you're all set. You'll enter your OpenPhone inbox.

How to install the OpenPhone app

If you follow the steps above, you'll be able to get OpenPhone set up on your web browser.

You can install the desktop app right here.

If you'd like to use OpenPhone on your mobile devices, install it here for iOS and Android.

Alternatively, search for "openphone" on the App Store or Play Store:

And that's it, folks!

Since you're new to OpenPhone, come check out our weekly live demo on Wednesdays. You'll see the product in action and be able to learn about more hidden OpenPhone features.

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