Setting your availability and receiving notifications in OpenPhone

Searching for more ways to make managing your incoming communication easier? Look no further than these features in OpenPhone whether you want to have more work-life balance or give yourself room to focus on specific tasks.

Add business hours to OpenPhone

Set expectations with your customers on when they can call you by including business hours with your OpenPhone number. If someone calls outside your business hours on OpenPhone, they immediately hear your away voicemail greeting so you can share when they can count on hearing back from you.

Note: For any number shared across your team, you'll need to be an Owner or Admin with your team's OpenPhone account to be able to set business hours. Not sure if you are? From the web or desktop app, click "Settings". Then select "Members" under "Workspace".

How to set business hours on the web or desktop app

1. Under "Inboxes", hover over the phone number you wish to have business hours for and select "..." to the right of that number. Click "Settings" from the popup menu.

Access phone settings from the OpenPhone Mac app

You can also get to these settings by clicking "Settings" from the top left corner menu and choosing "Phone Numbers" under "Workspace". There's also a direct link to phone number settings from the web app here.

2. Scroll down to “Business Hours” in the phone number settings and toggle the button on the bottom right-hand side to enable business hours.

Enabling business hours in OpenPhone

This will result in a business hour drop-down menu where you can edit your availability.

add business hours in OpenPhone

3. Select the appropriate time zone for you and select your daily availability by clicking on your hours to the right of the day you’d like to set. Click "Save" when you're done.

4. Next, you’ll be prompted with the option to copy your selected business hours to additional days by checking the corresponding boxes.

Note: the default setting is “Open all day”. If you don't want to receive calls on a specific day, be sure to select "Closed all day".

5. There is a default away voicemail greeting. if you’d like to set up a custom voicemail greeting for callers outside of your business hours, click “Change” to the right of “Away Voicemail Greeting”.

From here, you’ll be prompted to upload an existing file, record a new greeting, or utilize text-to-speech.

Setting business hours on the mobile app (iOS and Android)

1. Launch the OpenPhone mobile app.

2. Select your picture icon at the top left of the screen.

3. Tap "Manage" next to "Your numbers".

manage phone settings in OpenPhone

4. Tap on the number you'd like to set up business hours for.

5. Tap on "Business Hours".

6. Tap "Set your hours".

7. Input your timezone and weekly schedule.

adding your business' timezone and weekly schedule in OpenPhone's mobile app

8. Set an away voicemail greeting by tapping "After-hours voicemail" (optional). Using the mobile app, you have the option to record your voice or upload an existing voicemail file (mp3) for your away voicemail greeting. If you'd like to use text-to-speech, you must do that in the OpenPhone web or desktop app.

Note: If you're outside of business hours and someone calls you, leaves a message, or texts you, you won't receive a push notification about it. However, you'll see in your conversations that they did the next time you open the OpenPhone app.

How to temporarily send incoming calls to voicemail

Have something that requires your full attention? With one simple click, you can route any incoming calls via OpenPhone straight to voicemail. By enabling Do not disturb, calls go directly to voicemail and you won't get an incoming call alert. However, you will receive notifications for any missed calls.

If you have a shared number, turning on Do not disturb will not affect the shared number overall and other team members. You just won’t receive notifications for incoming calls on your account. You still will receive notifications for any missed calls.

Activating "Do not disturb" on the web or desktop app

1. Launch your OpenPhone web or desktop app.

2. Select your profile icon on the top left corner.

3. Select 🌙 "Do not disturb".

4. Select the length of time you'd like the feature to be active for (30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, Tomorrow, Until further notice)

5. When you're ready to receive calls, simply click on your profile again, then click 🌙 "Turn off Do not disturb".

Turning on do not disturb from the OpenPhone Mac app

Turning on "Do not disturb" from the iOS or Android app

1. Launch your OpenPhone mobile app.

2. Select your icon on the top left corner.

3. Hit "Off" next to "Do not disturb".

4. Select the length of time you'd like the feature to be active for (30 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, Until further notice).

5. When you're ready to receive calls, simply tap "On" and select "Turn Off".

Turning on do not disturb from the OpenPhone mobile app

Mute call and text notifications

Let’s say you have shared numbers on your OpenPhone account and want to pause the incoming notifications you receive on a specific number, you can mute these notifications on any device so you only receive the alerts you need. Muting notifications on a shared number will only prevent you from receiving notifications — not other teammates — they will still receive calls and texts to that number.

Keep in mind also when you mute an OpenPhone number, you can still use the number for making calls or sending texts.

How to mute your phone number(s) in the web or desktop app

1. Go to the web app or launch the desktop app.

2. On the left-hand menu, locate the phone numbers assigned to you.

3. Hover over the phone number that you'd like to mute. Then click "...".

4. Select 🌙 "Mute".

5. From here, choose how long you'd like the number to be muted for.

Mute number from the OpenPhone Mac app

How to mute your phone number(s) in the iOS or Android app

1. Select your account icon in the upper left-hand corner.

2. Click "Manage" next to "Your numbers".

3. Select the phone number you wish to mute.

4. Tap "Off" next to "Mute phone number".


5. Select how long you'd like the number to be muted for.

Specifying the mute length in the OpenPhone mobile app

To unmute, follow the same initial steps in either app and then “Unmute” from the browser or desktop app (or select “Off” next to “Mute phone number” on the mobile app).

How to set your availability during business hours on a shared number

If you have access to a shared number, you may not be responsible for responding to income calls and texts during your team's full business hours. If you work on these tasks in shifts, you can set your availability to get notified during specific work hours (this setting only affects your notifications — not the rest of your team) within the "Notifications" section of your account settings.

Under "Work schedule", toggle on "Enable work schedule". Then set the times in which you are available during the week to take calls and wish to receive notifications.

work schedule settings in OpenPhone

Receiving notifications when you're off

If you wish to receive notifications when you have do not disturb on or outside your work or business hours, you can enable this setting so you still receive silent notifications. Click into settings from the left-hand menu. Choose "Notifications" under the "Your account" section. Leave "Send notification while I'm off" toggled on to continue to receive notifications.


Toggle this option off if you don't want to receive any silent notifications (call or text notifications) when you have Do Not Disturb on or outside your business hours.

Turning off "Include message preview" will update your settings so that incoming text message notifications only display "New Message" and incoming voicemail message notifications only display "New Voicemail".

Note: If you mute a specific number to not receive notifications as outlined above then you won't need to make any further updates to your notification settings.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!

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