How to upgrade to the OpenPhone Premium plan

Want to transfer incoming calls? Or maybe you need to know detailed call and message analytics for your team? You can do all of this and more on our Premium plan!

Want to make the switch today? In this article, we walk you through how to upgrade to the Premium plan.

Please note that only account owners or admins can upgrade your subscription

How to upgrade from the Standard plan to the Premium plan

1. Log into the web app

2. Navigate to the billing section in your organization's settings

3. Click "Change your plan"

Uprading OpenPhone plan within billing settings

4. Select the "Upgrade" underneath the Premium plan

That's it! You now have access to all of our wonderful Premium features.

How billing works after upgrading

If you upgrade within a billing period, then you'll automatically be charged the pro-rated difference in price between the Standard and Premium plans for the remaining time on your billing cycle.

Already using the Premium plan and need to downgrade? Just follow the same steps as above, but instead, click "Downgrade" underneath the standard plan.

Don't have an OpenPhone account yet? Sign up for a free trial now to test out our Standard or Premium plans to see which is the best fit for you!

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!

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